OTL (Out to lunch)

By Philip Whitfield

The ineffably talented Heba El Kayal, a twitteriffic glittertwitter tweeted S2S PLU R ROTFLUTS B/C NALOPKT IWIAM ZZZZ YM IOTL ADIP RPTIYPASI which as y’all know means

Sad to say people like us are rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak because not a lot of people we know – idiots wrapped up as morons – are sleeping while I’m out to lunch. Another day in paradise. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

To which this tweep among the twitterati tweeple @reply TMI (Too much information).

And Heba responded YW (you’re welcome).

You’ve guessed it: we’re in twitter-palooza w/ gobs of tweeple w/ twitter tever twitter-twattering.

I’ve dropped, unannounced and not expected into my favourite haunt, Richoux, the supah dupah restaurant/coffee shop in Mohandessin over by the Shooting Club and smartly located just off the beaten path to avoid the zachma kiteer.

I’m as happy as Tweety twying to escape from Sylvester (“I twought I twaw a twuddy twawt”). You’d pay good money to have such fun. But you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg. It’s a very reasonably priced bistro.

With a nice fresh cup of coffee in one hand and the iPhone in the other I can tweep my congrats to Her Majesty in her Palace #rw2011 and find out how the twits who lost theirs are getting on in the@#$! @reply Tworah.

Now that we’re done with the twittering, we can focus on the menu. Richoux serves the best food in the world. Well, that’s my opinion. There’s them that offers Eggs Benedict and claim to serve them properly. Then there’s Richoux. Their Eggs Benedict is undoubtedly the best in the world…and in Heaven, too.

I asked the chef how he did it and it all seemed so easy: eggs hot water and butter whisked up in a man to make the hollandaise sauce, a couple of poached eggs, some slices of smoked salmon on toast. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? I try to emulate Richoux all the time at home. It’s not worth the bother now they’re here in Mohandessin as well as at Citystars, Heliopolis.

Go there, eat, be impressed and get hooked.

It’s the same with the fish and chips. The batter they use for the fish is lighter than angel’s wings. It lifts surrounds the delicate piece of fish in a smidgen of silk, as light as gossamer, smooth a damsel’s ballroom gown.

Wack on a slosh of ketchup and you’d think you were in Harry Ramsden’s by Brighouse.

There’s so much to choose from the menu and the food is served from xxx to xxx. Starters include prawn and avocado cocktail, smoked salmon, French onion soup and lovely egg dishes together with all-day breakfast, my aforementioned Benedict, omelets etc etc.

There’re sandwiches of all kinds on Richoux’s beautiful fresh breads, Welsh rarebits, of course and if you want more, there’s meat, fish, pasta, risottos, salads, teas and coffees from all over the world.

You’ll be spoilt for choice and bewitched, befuddled and bewildered by the amazing selection of deserts, cakes and gateaux.

Like I say, if you’re not in, you can’t win.

Richoux is the best place for a reasonably priced fantastic experience, whether it’s with a snack or a feast. The staff is delightful and you can have a beer or a glass or two of wine or a soft drink from their selection of beverages.

Richoux Mohandessin

49 El Zahraa St. Off Yathreb Street

Mohandeseen Giza

Tel: 02-37489838 016-5522822

Try twexting them ahead so they’ll look after your car or better still tweep me @mohendessin and I’ll come along and have a twipple w/ U.

Philip Whitfield is a writer in Cairo, whose commentaries appear several times a week in the Daily News/International Herald Tribune. Heba El Kayal is the Daily News Lifestyle Editor.


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