Draft law for parliamentary elections?

Al-Masry Al-Youm

May 29 2001

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Sunday proposed a new draft law regulating the parliamentary elections, offering the draft up for public discussion.

The draft law would stipulate the use of the proportional election system, with votes cast for individual candidates, without specifying the number of constituencies for each system.

According to the law, a third of the seats would be allocated for the proportional election system and two-thirds for individual candidates, while in both cases retaining 50 percent of seats for workers and farmers.

According to the draft law, conflicts surrounding the soundness of the voting process would be adjudicated by the Court of Cassation rather than parliament, as was the case with the previous law.

The draft law does not include a proportion of seats reserved for women, unlike the previous law, which set a women’s quota of nearly 64 seats.

Meanwhile, the SCAF is hoping to present the new draft law to the various political parties and the media in order to stimulate public discussion and to gauge the public’s acceptance or lack thereof.

Experts had previously called for the cancellation of the article in the existing parliamentary law that  reserves 50 percent of seats for workers and farmers. Among the reasons given for opposing the measure was that it was said to weaken the role of parliament.



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